Canon Master films

Untitled film works is proud to have been commissioned by Canon Australia to produce a series of short films on each of the new Canon Masters.

Canon announced the launch of its new Masters Program in August, which unites 12 of Australia and New Zealand’s leading photographers in a program that aims to inspire Australians to be creative and bring out their originality.

The Canon Masters have been selected for their position as Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative image makers and will drive inspiration and creativity amongst consumers as well as both current and future professionals.Brought to life through a series of activities, the Masters Program will demonstrate how the best of our image makers use Canon products and services to realise their creativity and remain at the top of their game.

Abraham Joffe, of untitled film works, is humbled to be included in the set of 12 Masters.

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Ice light commercial shoot

Jerry Ghionis approached us only a few months ago to help him create an epic commercial to showcase his amazing ice light. Jerry, ever the creative, had a very strong view of what he wanted. Working with his strong vision was terribly refreshing. Jerry, a world-renowned photographer, had to my knowledge little experience in motion, but you wouldnt have guessed it being on location. He had story-boarded all of the scenes, organised locations, models and props. Really all we needed to bring was our skills with the shooting and to block-out the scenes.

Filming took place all over the city of Melbourne over two cold winter nights. A team of five including a talented aerial camera operator shot guerrilla-style on over fifteen separate locations.

The aerials were provided by the very talented Toby De Jong. He flew his impressive, custom-built hex-copter with incredible stability. He was able to position the camera to the exact locations which I desired. The on-ground monitor allowed us to review the shots happening in real-time. The main camera we used was the Canon 1DC. Its compact size enabled us to work at speed and in some very tight spots (stairwell for one) as well as exceptional low light performance. Many of the scenes were shot at up to 6400ISO. The other factor was that we wanted to shoot it all at 50FPS to add to the drama. Using the 1DC meant we could get through scenes quickly and achieve shots with relatively short setup time. One example of this was shooting from the back of the van whilst Jerry ran behind.

Overall, everyone had a blast working on this fun little project and we were all pretty exhausted after the two nights, no-one more than Jerry!

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Iconic Images – Namibia

Namibia is a country of surreal raw beauty, pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife. Namibia’s optimum light, spectacular landscapes and intriguing diversity of animals and people makes it a photographer’s dream.

Iconic Images has become one of the most respected photographic safari companies in the world. They are dedicated to bringing people to the most spectacular locations for photography. The combination of technical support, intricate planning and local knowledge makes their iconic images tours a truly unique experience.

Behind the Scenes:
The assignment to capture this experience on film proved an amazing journey for untitled cinematographer, Abraham Joffe. With his experience in wildlife and documentary production, he was up to the task to tackle the epic size of the shoot – solo.

Abraham: “This project was an hugely rewarding one. Every day was a new adventure full of glorious landscapes and wildlife. What was really brilliant is the fact that I got to really live the iconic images experience and therefore felt very comfortable in helping translate that to screen. Many thanks to Denis Glennon for allowing me the freedom to shoot this journey as I saw fit and to Shem Compion and Jay Collier for their fantastic support. Thank you also to the great clients who where so accepting and enthusiastic of my inclusion on this safari.

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Film produced by:
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Tech details:
Filmed exclusively on Canon 5dm3 cameras
Canon EF lenses: 14mm 2.8 L, 24mm 1.4 L II, 35mm 1.4 L , 50mm 1.2 L, 70-200mm 2.8 L II, 300mm 2.8 L II. 100mm Macro 2.8 L II.
Audio: Roland R26, Rode video Pro, Sennheiser G3 wireless.
Viewfinder: Zacuto Z finder 3.5″
Tripod: Miller Solo DS20 carbon fibre

Music licensed by The Audio Network.

Thank you to: Iconic Images, Denis Glennon, Shem Compion, Jay Collier, Jen Walker, Lorna-Jean Bradley, Canon Australia, and untitled sponsor: RØDE Microphones

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Steven Khalil ~ haute couture

Steven Khalil is recognised as one of Australia’s leading bridal couturiers. His designs are renowned for their elegance and beauty, combining classical elements of bygone eras with a contemporary edge. Steven Khalil’s sophisticated style of glamour, elegance and simplicity is perfectly imbued into every facet of the gown.

Translating the spirit of Steven’s brand to film was an exciting challenge for the untitled team.
Camera: RED Epic + RED Scarlet with Master Primes set

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Jack Daniels – Master Distiller Dinner

Following the successful Jack Daniel’s Embassy tour, Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, was invited with his wife Lori to a very special dinner. The evening was hosted by AZB Creative on behalf of Browns forman and took place at the historic Swift House in Darling Point, Sydney. Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan created and prepared the courses on site, accompanied by matching Jack Daniel’s cocktails. untitled film works was asked to capture the essence of the affair and produce a reel to preserve the glamour and atomsphere of this special evening.

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Jeff Arnett – Jack Daniel’s 7th Master Distiller

Jeff Arnett is only the 7th Master Distiller of the legendary Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey since its founding in 1866. Here he speaks about what it personally means to be the new “steward” of Jack Daniels heading into the 21st century. This piece was commissioned for the first offical Jack Daniels event in Australia to host a Master Distiller.

Given a last minute green-light to have just over an hour of Jeff Arnett’s time, we really had to move fast and shoot as much as we could to produce this piece. While waiting in the visitors centre of Jack Daniels Distillery, we popped off a few shots of the large black and white photographs that adorned the walls.

Jeff was fantastic on camera. We spent 5 minutes talking about what we were hoping to acheive with this piece.. a personal account of what it means to him to be the 7th Distiller of this iconic brand. This pre-interview chat proved valuable as we were able to avoid taking the interview to the wrong areas..

He then really opened up about his journey to becoming Distiller and where its all headed in the future.

I love his finishing line.. “this is not my whiskey, its Jack’s”

In the last 10minutes we were lucky enough for Jeff to open up the barrel house and let us film him exploring the batches..

Gear used: Canon 5Dm2 + 50mm lens on Manfrotto Monopod.
Lighting: window light with lightpanel offset. .

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Karen Willis Holmes – bridal couture

Karen Willis Holmes is one of Australia’s leading couture bridal gown designers.

This is her story told in her own words.

Film Credits:
Art direction: Tatjana Green + Marlon Simmons
Cinematography: Alfio Stuto Jr + Abraham Joffe
BTS coverage: Andrew Prochuck + Noel Bare
Edit + Grade: Marlon Simmons

Song: “Peace Song” by Kye Kye (licensed)

Production kit used:

Canon 5Dm2 Camera x 3

Canon Lenses
24mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
50mm 1.2
85mm 1.2
100mm MACRO IS
135mm 2.0
70-200mm IS II

Lighting: variety of led panels, dido lights and foam core panels.

Stabilization tools: Cinevate Slider, ProAm Crane, Miller Tripods, Manfrotto Monopods.

Audio: Sennheiser BOOM (for interview), ZOOM recorder for ambient recordings.


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