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Iconic Images – Namibia

Namibia is a country of surreal raw beauty, pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife. Namibia’s optimum light, spectacular landscapes and intriguing diversity of animals and people makes it a photographer’s dream.

Iconic Images has become one of the most respected photographic safari companies in the world. They are dedicated to bringing people to the most spectacular locations for photography. The combination of technical support, intricate planning and local knowledge makes their iconic images tours a truly unique experience.

Behind the Scenes:
The assignment to capture this experience on film proved an amazing journey for untitled cinematographer, Abraham Joffe. With his experience in wildlife and documentary production, he was up to the task to tackle the epic size of the shoot – solo.

Abraham: “This project was an hugely rewarding one. Every day was a new adventure full of glorious landscapes and wildlife. What was really brilliant is the fact that I got to really live the iconic images experience and therefore felt very comfortable in helping translate that to screen. Many thanks to Denis Glennon for allowing me the freedom to shoot this journey as I saw fit and to Shem Compion and Jay Collier for their fantastic support. Thank you also to the great clients who where so accepting and enthusiastic of my inclusion on this safari.

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Film produced by:
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Tech details:
Filmed exclusively on Canon 5dm3 cameras
Canon EF lenses: 14mm 2.8 L, 24mm 1.4 L II, 35mm 1.4 L , 50mm 1.2 L, 70-200mm 2.8 L II, 300mm 2.8 L II. 100mm Macro 2.8 L II.
Audio: Roland R26, Rode video Pro, Sennheiser G3 wireless.
Viewfinder: Zacuto Z finder 3.5″
Tripod: Miller Solo DS20 carbon fibre

Music licensed by The Audio Network.

Thank you to: Iconic Images, Denis Glennon, Shem Compion, Jay Collier, Jen Walker, Lorna-Jean Bradley, Canon Australia, and untitled sponsor: RØDE Microphones

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The Mashatu Hide – an elephant bazaar!

Entering a reinforced steel shipping container positioned next to a scarce water supply in the wilderness of Mashatu was an exciting, daunting prospect. We could have never predicted the encounter we were about to have with one of the animal kingdoms most imposing and glorious creatures…

Tech details:
Filmed exclusively on Canon 5dm3 cameras
Canon EF lenses: 14mm 2.8, 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 70-200mm 2.8 II, 300mm 2.8 II.
Audio: Roland R26, Rode video Pro
Viewfinder: Zacuto Z finder 3.5″
Tripod: Miller Solo DS20 carbon fibre

Music licensed: “Amadinda” by Evelyn Glennie
Thank you to: Iconic Images, C4 safaris, Denis Glennon, Shem Compion + Mike Dexter

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Steven Khalil ~ haute couture

Steven Khalil is recognised as one of Australia’s leading bridal couturiers. His designs are renowned for their elegance and beauty, combining classical elements of bygone eras with a contemporary edge. Steven Khalil’s sophisticated style of glamour, elegance and simplicity is perfectly imbued into every facet of the gown.

Translating the spirit of Steven’s brand to film was an exciting challenge for the untitled team.
Camera: RED Epic + RED Scarlet with Master Primes set

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Kylie + James – a 7/10 love story.

Kylie Verity,(our very own studio manager!) finally marries James Lewis at the beautiful Palm Beach.

Shooting for someone you know well always adds that little bit more pressure, and of course you do find yourself getting swept up in the emotion of the day.

Kylie and Jame’s wedding was perfect. A spectacular autumn day at Palm Beach, champagne, friends, laughter and tears.

Days before the wedding, I took Jim + Kylie on a pre shoot in the old stomping ground – Paddington. They shared a beer at the Royal, walked the streets and enjoyed the sunshine. They then had their last dance lesson in Bondi Junction. The footage from this day’s outing was interwoven in the finished film. Because of this, I believe a more complete story of their journey is seen in their film.

The credit sequence at the end of the film (cut to their actual bridal waltz tune) was a great way to finish on a fun note – just like it did on the day.

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Brett + Heather – the Hawaii wedding

Marlon Simmons (edit + grade)

“It’s not every day you work on an edit that has more Pre Wedding footage than the actual wedding itself. Of course it means a lot more narratives but it did mean having to take a slightly different approach than I usually would.

Whilst editing the main wedding feature, in particular the speeches, I was able to gain insight into Brett and Heather as a couple and found out some of the significant stories they’ve shared along their journey through life.
Matching visuals for each narrative was quite easy and the hardest part of the edit wasn’t finding narratives but arranging them in a way that can connect with the audience and keep them interested for the entire piece.
Having met at a bike rack we knew this would be a key story in the film and it seems cycling was a recurrent theme.

Throughout the film we tried to portray their journey together and the last scene where they get on a tandem was used to signify they are now joined together, still doing what they love and enjoy but united as one.

The credits were Abe’s idea and I love the voyeuristic nature of them. It really brings a BTS look at some of the funnier moments that occur at Weddings every week but are masked out in order to create a film free of blemishes. But I think these little moments make this piece interesting and bring that 3rd Dimension of “FUN” to the film

Overall it was fun, full of sweat and many hours of editing that is all worthwhile after hearing they both loved the film”

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Bobby + Zena – Same Day Edit

You will rarely meet a couple nicer than Bobby + Zena. We met them over a year ago at our first meeting and then caught up with them again 6 months later for at their famous fancy dress resteraunt “Tharens” in Kings Cross for their engagement party. This Sunday past (22nd of Jan) was finally their wedding day..

Zena looked stunning in a classic Steven Khalil gown. Filming began shooting Bobby and his brother having breakfast in the rocks. The ceremony took place at St Michael’s Church in Vaucluse with the reception at Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf.

A little after 9pm we screened this film to the 200 odd guests in attendance. Its always exciting seeing people’s reaction to seeing a film produced on the day.

It was such a pleasure being a part of the whole wedding experience, from the dance lessons in Bondi Junction, to the final farewell. We feel like we enjoyed the entire wedding experience with B+Z all the way.

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Jack Daniels – Master Distiller Dinner

Following the successful Jack Daniel’s Embassy tour, Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, was invited with his wife Lori to a very special dinner. The evening was hosted by AZB Creative on behalf of Browns forman and took place at the historic Swift House in Darling Point, Sydney. Celebrity Chef Luke Mangan created and prepared the courses on site, accompanied by matching Jack Daniel’s cocktails. untitled film works was asked to capture the essence of the affair and produce a reel to preserve the glamour and atomsphere of this special evening.

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Jeff Arnett – Jack Daniel’s 7th Master Distiller

Jeff Arnett is only the 7th Master Distiller of the legendary Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey since its founding in 1866. Here he speaks about what it personally means to be the new “steward” of Jack Daniels heading into the 21st century. This piece was commissioned for the first offical Jack Daniels event in Australia to host a Master Distiller.

Given a last minute green-light to have just over an hour of Jeff Arnett’s time, we really had to move fast and shoot as much as we could to produce this piece. While waiting in the visitors centre of Jack Daniels Distillery, we popped off a few shots of the large black and white photographs that adorned the walls.

Jeff was fantastic on camera. We spent 5 minutes talking about what we were hoping to acheive with this piece.. a personal account of what it means to him to be the 7th Distiller of this iconic brand. This pre-interview chat proved valuable as we were able to avoid taking the interview to the wrong areas..

He then really opened up about his journey to becoming Distiller and where its all headed in the future.

I love his finishing line.. “this is not my whiskey, its Jack’s”

In the last 10minutes we were lucky enough for Jeff to open up the barrel house and let us film him exploring the batches..

Gear used: Canon 5Dm2 + 50mm lens on Manfrotto Monopod.
Lighting: window light with lightpanel offset. .

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Africa wildlife assignment

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Denis Glennon
May 2012

Abraham Joffe – Australia’s Top DSLR Cinematographer

Abraham Joffe

Abraham is an award-winning cinematographer and is regarded as one of Australia’s top DSLR film makers. He has a great passion for pictorial story telling and film making in the real world.

He is also an experienced underwater cameraman with several documentary films to his credit. He has filmed throughout the Solomon Islands, East Timor and around Australia.

A highlight of his work was shooting with the late Malcolm Douglas in the far corners of The Kimberleys.

Along with his commercial production, Abraham is a sought after wedding cinematographer, speaker and educator in Australia and internationally.

He owns and manages the Sydney-based company Untitled Film Works - the “untitled” philosophy comes from his belief that every pictorial story captured is told by the discovery process which is unwritten.

Abraham will be joining the Namibia Self-Drive Photo Safari 2012, to:

  • Teach participants how to get the most from the HD video functions on their cameras. This will be the first tour on which Iconic Images introduces participants to this medium and I could not think of a better place in Africa to be taught film making, using your own camera, by one of the best DSLR cinematographers in the business.
  • Produce for Iconic Images three short BBC-quality promotional films. On location we will discuss how the photography of tour participants might be included in these films.

I would encourage you to read up on the HD video functions of your camera before you arrive in Africa. Learning from a master cinematographer is an opportunity not to be missed.

To see a selection of Abraham’s stunning film work visit his website at: Untitled Film Works.


Jay Collier – Tour Co-leader

When teaching and film making in Namibia, Abraham will be assisted by Jay Collier, Canon Professional Services, Sydney. Jay is a master photographer whose passion is wildlife photography and teaching photographers how to get the best from their equipment. His understanding of photographic theory and the features and functions of today’s cameras and lenses is second to none. This expertise has been accumulated from working in the professional division of both Canon and Nikon in Australia and will be made available to participants during the photo safari.

Should you have any queries please drop an email to or give me a call on 0418 923 103.

Best Regards,

Denis Glennon AO

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Southern Highlands Belle – Ashley + Marie-Luise

Its worth the drive to the southern highlands on NSW when its for a wedding and couple like Ashley + Marie-Luise. Stunning spring weather, england-like fields and a lot of love in the air! Terrara house hosted to the intimate reception for family and friends from around the world. A highlight was filming the couple practise their bridal waltz ontop of a outdoor chess set.

The surfing scene was actually filmed post wedding day.. the story from the best man on how he was introduced to Marie-Luise while surfing off Manly was too good not to capture appropriate visuals. So we headed down there one blustery morning to finish off the film.


- untitled team

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