Photograph of Abraham Joffe

Abraham Joffe - Cinematographer

Abraham is an award-winning cinematographer and is regarded as one of Australia's top DSLR filmmakers. He has a great passion for storytelling and filmmaking in the real world.

He is also an experienced underwater cameraman, with several documentary films to his credit. Abraham has filmed throughout the Solomon Islands, Africa, the Arctic, East Timor and every Australian state. A highlight for him was shooting for the late Malcolm Douglas in the far reaches of the Kimberlies.

Along with his commercial production, Abraham is a highly sought after wedding cinematographer, speaker and educator. He regularly travels interstate and internationally. Abraham was recently honored with the title of Canon Master.

The untitled philosophy comes from his belief that every story captured is told by the discovery process which is unwritten.

A little of what makes me tick...

I'm inspired by...
Great storytellers and the natural world
Favourite film...
Dances with wolves - stunning cinematography and score
I dislike
You may not know this about me...
Completed the City-to-Surf running backwards in 115min in 2001